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Who are we?

Our company, which started production in 2008 with the brand "Dr. Green's", has many quality certificates such as CE 1023, ISO 13485, ISO9001.

Aiming to provide its customers with world-class products, Aden Medikal has succeeded to be one of
the most reliable companies in domestic and foreign market for disposable sterile drapes, gowns and
surgical sets.

Why Us?

Quality products and reliable service



We have been serving you for over 10 years. Our service understanding and products, improve everyday



We know that health is more important than anything. We do not compromise on quality for this.



The health sector is a huge family. That's why we have a relationship with everyone like our family.

Our Products


> Surgical Gowns
    > Surgical Standard Gown
        > Surgical Standard Gown Type 1
        > Surgical Standard Gown Type 2
        > Surgical Standard Gown Type 3
    >Surgical Protective Gowns
        > Surgical Protective Gowns Type 1
        > Surgical Protective Gowns Type 2
        > Surgical Protective Gowns Type 3

Biopsy Pack

Neurosurgery Drape Packs

Dental Drape Packs

E.N.T Drape Pack

You can download our brand dr. green's product catalog here.



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